This survey is about designing for audiences. Your individual responses are anonymous. Participation in this survey is voluntary. The questions in the survey may challenge you but they will cause no physical harm and minimal mental harm.

The collective responses of the group will be shared with the class for learning purposes and may be shared with other graphic design faculty members to help us improve our teaching and your learning.
How confident are you in your ability to design for an audience different from yourself? *

Think about the courses you have completed during your college career. How many of those courses required you to carefully consider the audience of what you made or wrote? *

As a designer do you see it as your responsibility to make sure your work is accessible to people with disabilities? *

Which of the following statements are true for at least one design project you have worked on? *

How often do you consider audience members that are not in the primary or target audience of a project? *

How often do you test or critique your design work with the target or primary audience? *

When designing for an audience different from yourself, which of the following describes your primary approach? *

How many pieces in your portfolio include imagery of people of the same race, ethnicity and sex as yourself? *

How many pieces in your portfolio include imagery of people of a different race, ethnicity or sex from yourself? *

What steps do you take to make sure your image and designs are fair, equitable, and accurate? *

When you have had the opportunity to design for an audience of your choice, which option best describes your approach? *

What skill(s) would you like to develop further to design more effectively for your audience?

Are your answers to the previous questions accurate and honest? *

Thank you for participating in this survey. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the results.
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